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Say Hello to Diagrams!

July 24, 2017

Say Hello to Diagrams!

Let's all welcome our newest arrival to the family of page tools - the Diagram!

As of today, you can easily add custom diagrams to any page, which is a very welcome addition for those of us who tend to think visually. If you're familiar with, you'll feel right at home with our diagram tool. It's grid-based, drag-n-drop, and filled with tons of useful symbols like arrows, shapes, and clip art. Even if you've never drawn a diagram in your life, you'll pick this up in a matter of seconds.

You can fire up a diagram on a page just as you would any other type of content. Click the green "plus" cursor, select Diagram, and BOOM - you're in diagram designer mode. Next time you need to redo your company's organization chart, show your team how the new customer support process works, or share a network configuration map, you're all set. You can whip up a diagram in seconds and share it on a page simply by clicking "Done."


Not to ramble on about how awesome pages are, but even the most hesitant adopters are beginning to realize the huge potential a page has in the world of sharing and managing content and projects. With new features coming out every week, pages are increasingly able to handle any team's sharing and collaboration needs, visual and otherwise. Who knows what else you'll be able to add to a page next week, but for now, enjoy our newest addition and its ability to instantly speak a thousand words.

To learn more, check out our help article here.