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Samepage vs Dropbox Paper

September 27, 2016

Samepage vs Dropbox Paper

If you've been following the collaboration app news, you may have heard about Dropbox Paper. Since you're reading this on the Samepage blog, you might be wondering how Dropbox Paper and Samepage compare, because both apps offer real-time collaborative editing. Wonder no more, because we've made this handy guide that quickly addresses some of the differences. We also have a feature by feature comparison of Samepage and Dropbox Paper if you want to get further into the details.

Wait, I don't know what Dropbox Paper is. Tell me?

Dropbox paper is centered around the page - a page that everyone can edit together in real-time. And it's not just text, Dropbox Paper supports different types of media so you can add more than just words to a page. PS, Samepage has pages too, it's in the name after all.

You said real-time editing?

With Dropbox Paper, you can edit everything with your collaborators in real-time. Add videos, photos, anything to the live document, and share comments on the side. It's even possible to add tasks. Dropbox Paper gives teams a place where they can work together in real time, with more than just text or a spreadsheet.

Samepage has fully collaborative pages too. We call them Team Pages. Team Pages are a lot like Dropbox Paper pages, but with more content types. We support more media types, and more cloud services than Dropbox Paper, which only works with Dropbox. If you work with files on Google Drive, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, or Egnyte, your team should look into Samepage.

Is all this mobile?

Dropbox Paper beta is available on mobile so you can collaborate on the go. But Dropbox Paper's mobile apps aren't fully featured yet. Samepage's app is fully functional on mobile, so you can get real work done from everywhere with Samepage.

The bottom line?

As we like to say at Samepage, great content comes from great conversation. And we think it's better when those conversations and that content lives together on the same platform. And that's the rub - Dropbox paper is great for keeping your Dropbox files, and creating new Dropbox Paper pages, but it's only great at those things - requiring you to have another platform for communication. Whether that's Slack, Hipchat or something else. And in this fast paced world - keeping track of even one more app requires attention we just don't have. That's why we built Samepage, so you can get your communication, your team, and your documents all in one place, and focus on getting the work done.