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Samepage & St. Patrick's Day Go Together Like Guinness and Jameson

March 16, 2014

Samepage & St. Patrick's Day Go Together Like Guinness and JamesonEvery year on St. Patrick's Day, it seems everyone I encounter is a little bit Irish. Me? I'm 1/16th Irish and proudly celebrate the holiday of my ancestors. Who doesn't love parades, parties, traditions, food, and of course - the Irish car bomb and Irish coffee. This year, as I started planning what is to be our biggest St. Patrick's Day party to-date, I quickly realized my organization was seriously lacking. Because we were opening the party to new friends, co-workers and family, we needed some people to help with supplies and food. I emailed everyone who was helping, and then, this happened... My cousin Sarah replied to me and copied her husband - I accidentally replied to Sarah, forgetting Bill on the email - who then emailed his parents, without copying me - and suddenly there were 50 email strings floating around. Everyone agreed to bring cups. You can understand my frustration. Then, it dawned on me. Why wouldn't I use Samepage to organize this party? In 15 minutes, I created a page which included the location of the party, a sign up sheet for what everyone was bringing, ideas for games. Samepage eliminated the need for emails, thus avoiding the dreaded carbon copy issue. It was so easy, and I didn't end up with a thousand red solo cups. With the Spring holidays and Summer BBQs quickly approaching, I see a lot more party planning via Samepage in my future. You should try it, too.