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Samepage Named 2015 Hot Collaboration Vendor By Aragon Research

May 20, 2015

Samepage Named 2015 Hot Collaboration Vendor By Aragon Research

Samepage, the award winning free online collaboration tool that allows you to seamlessly communicate and manage your team, has been named a 2015 Hot Vendor in the Content And Collaboration in the Workplace category by Aragon Research, a technology focused research and advisory firm committed to providing thought-leading strategic research and trusted advisory services.

Aragon’s annual Hot Vendor awards are awarded to best in breed companies that are:

  • A product or service that is innovative for an existing market

  • A powerful new technology or new business application

  • An offering that leverages Cloud, Collaboration, Content, Communications, Mobile, Security or Deep Learning in a way that will delight buyers.

The Aragon team has deep experience in researching high-performance content management, collaboration and mobile collaboration solutions and selected Samepage as a winner of the prestigious Aragon Research 2015 Hot Vendor award.

Aragon’s report highlighted several key attributes of the Samepage platform that makes Samepage an ideal collaboration and publishing solution for both enterprise and SMB work teams. Unlike other collaboration solutions, Samepage is able to incorporate notes, files and information from third-party cloud services in easy-to-create online pages, which can be shared inside or outside the firewall. These native Samepage capabilities continue to challenge many mobile and web content and collaboration tools.

“The workplace is undergoing some very significant fundamental changes. Mobile users are doing more work outside the office and the increased pace of work requires real-time data sharing, often among distributed work teams.” Jim Lundy, Founder and CEO of Aragon Research. “What impressed me about Samepage is its unique ability to create a page, add content from other sources like Box, Dropbox or Office 365 and share it with others on a limited or wide basis. These capabilities distinguish Samepage from most other content collaboration offerings.”

By combining easy to create pages, support for file and cloud based content with user comments, Samepage helps users maintain context to all content featured on a page. No more hunting for old emails, getting trapped within siloed applications or lost in a cloud file folder. Samepage was purposely designed to breakdown the barriers of content management and collaboration by creating a simple, flexible, scalable and mobile solution where sharing content, conversation or context with one or many is a snap.

“We’re very pleased to be selected as a 2015 Hot Vendor In Content and Collaboration for Workplace by Jim Lundy and the team at Aragon Research,” said Scott Schreiman, CEO of Samepage. “Aragon’s recognition of Samepage’s unique page-based model; our support for cloud services; easy content integration from third party applications and; easy sharing with employees, partners, vendors and customers is particularly meaningful. We appreciate this validation, especially given Jim’s deep background and experience in the collaboration, mobile, content management and knowledge management markets.”

Samepage supports any Mac or PC application files including Word™, Excel™, PDF; YouTube videos; seamless access to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive or various apps like Google Maps. In addition, Samepage offers the ability to create private pages, social pages for Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn; group pages for groups (e.g., book club, finance team) and lastly, public pages for anyone to publish or access on the Internet.