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Samepage named #1 Team Collaboration Platform by Info-Tech Research

August 30, 2019

Samepage named #1 Team Collaboration Platform by Info-Tech Research

When you think of industry analysis and research, what do you think of? Magic Quadrants, pay-to-play analyst meetings, reviews that feel like big corporate spenders have their thumbs on the scale? Yeah, us too. That's why we focus on earning our 5-star rating on sites like Capterra, where recognition is earned the good old-fashioned way - through the hearts and minds of our customers. We don't spend much time pitching ourselves to research houses.

That's why we were very pleasantly surprised when Info-Tech Research Group called to let us know we would be named their 2019 Emotional Footprint Champion in Team Collaboration software! Info-Tech approaches analysis and research with a deep data-driven, unbiased foundation. They produce reports that highlight the Emotional Footprint of each vendors' offerings.

Sounds fancy, what does that actually mean? Well, to start, they survey vendors' customers to create unbiased rankings. So when a young innovative company like Samepage comes along, they are happy to let the cards fall where they may. In this case, the data shows that Samepage delights its customers more than any other competitor delights theirs. We think that's a pretty big deal!

Team Collaboration Diamond

What does an Emotional Footprint look like? Here's the summary from their report:

Team Collaboration Summary Report

On its own, this is impressive. But when you dig deeper, it gets better. Info-Tech measures user satisfaction levels through 11 different parameters for both vendor capabilities and product features. Samepage places first in 6 of 11 Vendor Capabilities and first in 5 out of 11 Product Capabilities. Samepage places 3rd or better in 10 out of 11 parameters for both categories. No one else comes close! In dozens of other measures of emotional satisfaction, Samepage consistently scores at or near the top.

Team Collaboration Capability Satisfaction Report
Team Collaboration Feature Satisfaction Report

If you want to read the full reports, you can download them here!

Download the Full Report Info-Tech Team Collaboration Product Report

Download the Full Report Info-Tech Emotional Footprint Report

Needless to say, we are incredibly grateful to our customers. We know we have a powerful and compelling vision for all-in-one team collaboration, but without our customers' support and belief in Samepage, as the old adage goes: vision without execution is hallucination. Of course, we are also thankful to Info-Tech for their confirmation of our leadership in the team collaboration space.