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Samepage Global Teams Come Together in Pilsen

June 25, 2014

Samepage Global Teams Come Together in PilsenLast week, Matt, Ari and I went to Pilsen, Czech Republic to visit the Samepage global development team. This was my second trip to the office, but my first real experience sitting with the guys behind Samepage and touring the city. Having only been to Pilsen once before, and only for eight hours, I was excited to see all the city has to offer. When we weren't working and in meetings, the team and I were tasting the finest Pilsner Urquell, from local pubs and restaurants to the unfiltered/unpasteurized golden goodness that comes straight from the barrel. Our company was founded here and houses our largest office, which overlooks the beautiful city. It was easy to see why our local US team members enjoy their trips to the city. When we weren't out exploring in the evenings, we were in meetings in our office above the city. I must say it was exciting to see how passionate the team is about building a best-in-class tool. While I can't reveal the exact details of what was discussed, I can tell you big things are coming! By now, you've likely seen our latest cloud integrations with Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. This is just the beginning of the new features coming your way. The development and product teams are carefully listening to our users and improvements to the user interface will help make Samepage easier and more beneficial than ever. So, if you have feedback, we want to hear about it. Visit our Samepage Community and let your ideas be heard. We're listening!