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Samepage Developer Sets New Bar For Valentines Day

February 15, 2019

Samepage Developer Sets New Bar For Valentines DaySamepage Developer Sets New Bar For Valentines Day

When we say we've got a team of rockstar developers, this is what we're talking about. One of them is quickly reaching online celebrity status as a software developer by day, and now-famous hardware developer by night.

Say hello to Jiří Praus

Age: 31

Location: Plzen, Czech Republic

Languages: Czech, English, Java, Javascript, Arduino, C, C++, PHP

Hobbies: Arduino, electronics, freeform circuits, rock climbing, HEMA fencing

Motto: It doesn't matter what you are doing as long as you do your best.



Jiří has invented an everlasting blooming flower. The idea was conceived as a future Valentine's Day gift for his lucky wife. The final product reflects his meticulous attention to design detail, durability, functionality, and above all, beauty. His unveiling of the masterpiece on Twitter has swooned almost two million hearts across the world in just two days.

Working with the creative genius

Around here, we all know him as Jirka. As one of the more vocal engineers on the team, he leaves little room for questioning his ambition. His delivery style is often short, sweet, and hilarious. When asked if he can add a feature or squash a bug, you may get the standard "on it" response. You may also get the "I can do anything, I am an expert :-)" response, which never fails to draw stacks of laughing emoji reactions.

"We're extremely lucky to have him", says Scott Schreiman, CEO of Samepage. "He's the kind of team leader you're excited to get updates from. There's always something inspiring coming from his desk, so I'm not surprised he's got the same thing going on at home."

"Hey Jirka, how hard would it be to ..." It's a typical start to a request from the Samepage marketing team. "I know he's busy, so I hesitate to ask if he can do something for me, like add new functionality to our Zapier integration, or get us more data in our CRM. I'm afraid I'm going to reach his limit, but so far, I've been unable to find it. He usually just replies with something like 'That's easy...done'. The guy is a beast. Oh, and thanks a lot for making roses and chocolate look like a low-effort Valentine's Day gift Jirka." says Matt Lovato, marketing team leader.

Replies from him in Samepage are often just Futurama gifs, so we'll leave you with a few of his favorites. From all of us at Samepage, congrats on a magnificent creation Jirka!