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Running A Social Media Campaign With Samepage

August 18, 2015

Running A Social Media Campaign With Samepage

Social media campaigns have a number of moving parts and steps to get from idea to execution. Most campaigns are run by teams. Sometimes your team is internal, occasionally you work with contractors outside your company to help with creative, or maybe you rely on an external social media manager. However your team is set up, you need to make sure that everyone on the team is on the same page to get things done on time and on message.

At Bine Brewing - our internal brewing startup - we use Samepage to build social campaigns for our brewery's new beer recipes and events like Beer Week.

During the week we work with multiple people inside and outside of the company to to collect ideas, share swipe, track the editorial calendar and review creative. We also collect feedback from the rest of the team. We use Samepage to keep everything moving smoothly, and to include every team member at the right step in the process.

To get started, we have a main campaign page. The main page collects everything at a high level and serves as our dashboard. We keep our editorial/event calendar, images we use frequently, important documents, and team tasks.

Sample Page

You'll also find comments from the team throughout the campaign on the right hand side. If you ever need to jump in the middle of a project, these comments will get you up to speed quickly. You can also comment on a specific item on a page to update team members - for instance, the new social campaign images are ready to post. Now you don't have to look through your email or through versions in Dropbox to find the right images to post!

Sample Page

Page-level access rights enable you to share pages with your team, or others outside your organization. You can share pages with people inside your team, or even external people simply by adding an email address.

Sample Page

Assign tasks to page members to ensure your campaign launches on time. Tasks get an owner and a due date. You can comment on a specific task if you have questions, or updates.

Sample Page

Once you have everything approved, it's time to schedule that campaign! We're big fans of Sprout Social.

If you want to learn more about how Samepage can help your team get more done, schedule a demo and sign up to get started in less than a minute.