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Remote Work Is Better with New Video Conferencing

September 21, 2020

Remote Work Is Better with New Video Conferencing

Video calling registered tremendous growth in usage since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis. Teams work remotely now more often. They are either forced by the circumstances, or they found it more convenient for them. Video conferencing became a crucial part of an everyday schedule. So why would you pay for separate Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet software? If you can have a world-class video conferencing in your team communication software where it belongs?

Samepage goal is to bring to you an excellent video calling environment that nicely blends into our all-in-one team communication platform. That's why we invested the last few months into improving the stability, reliability, performance, design, and overall user experience of our video calling platform.

So What's New?

Improved stability, reliability, and performance

Video calls aren't cheap. We built ours to be cheap for end-users, so there are no video calling fees even in our free tier. But there must be a trade-off, and it's the performance. Video call happens between the end-users without any intermediate server we would need to pay for. As the number of participants grows, it eventually results in poor performance. That's why we are commonly suggesting to cap the number of participants to 8. When streaming video, we even recommended only 4.

Performance and stability were our primary goals while still keeping video conferencing for free without any fees. With the improved video calling, we doubled the previous limits. Making the built-in calls suitable for almost every remote meeting.

Video Calling Facelift

Minimized call panel

Overall the call panel got a modern look & feel. Buttons got reorganized, and the UI more blends into the Samepage design. You can also change the panel view to be minimized, normal size, or full screen. Whatever suits your current work.

Full-Featured Calling on Mobile

Full-Featured Calling on Mobile

We understand that you need to be mobile, and using a mobile phone to work is more common these days. Video calling on mobile now has the same features as its desktop version. You have full control over the call, and we also support outbound video on Android. iOS outbound video will be ready within a few weeks.

How do I start a call?

So you've never tried the Samepage video conference before? You are missing a lot. It will speed up your productivity. Check out this help article to get on the same page!

You need the latest version of Apps!

Deprecated app dialog

Do you see the above dialog in Samepage? Make sure to upgrade your mobile application to get all the latest video calling to be able to connect with others.