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Regus Reduces Product Time to Market by 15% with Samepage

December 11, 2014

Regus Reduces Product Time to Market by 15% with Samepage

Getting new products (or services) to market as fast as possible is the holy grail of any company. After all, the faster you get to market, the more likely you'll dominate the category. And nowhere can you find the philosophy more aptly displayed than at Regus, the world leader in providing flexible workspaces to companies of all sizes.

Regus' product research and development team has a minimum of 10 new products in queue at all times. André Sharpe, director of Regus product and new business development travels worldwide to observe new market trends, investigate opportunities, and test new product concepts. His team of "sharpshooters" [pun intended] take aim at being in the right place at the right time with the right products to meet customers' needs.

Since Regus' customers vary in size, with their needs constantly expanding or contracting depending on their business, such changes represent opportunities to serve customers in new and exciting ways. Yet getting to market fast takes extraordinary agility and efficiency. Both of which Regus have, thanks in part to its teams' extensive use of Samepage.