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Real-Time Mobile Collaborative Editing Now Available

Real-Time Mobile Collaborative Editing Now Available
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April 01, 2015 | Jim Ringham

IDC's latest mobile workforce report shows that 37.2%, or 1.3 billion people don't work in an office building. Using an application that lets people collaborate more efficiently and effectively becomes a necessity to support this rapidly growing trend.

With our recent release of Samepage, and a new feature we call Live Text, we accomplish this goal.  Text inside Samepage is now "Live," giving users a revolutionary real-time collaborative experience across both mobile and desktop. Now mobile workers can collaborate with their counterparts in the office, seamlessly.

Real-Time Collaborative Editing in Samepage Lets Users ...

  • Edit the same text as someone else, at the same time, on any device – no more lock out because someone else is editing.

  • See each other's edits in real-time, with each person's edits identified by their name and a unique color.

  • Edit worry-free, as Samepage automatically saves your text as you type – never worry about losing your work again.

Give it a try. It's always on. Grab some colleagues, share a page, and try editing the same Text section. You'll quickly see how much more productive your project will be using Live Text in Samepage.

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