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Real-Time Collaboration on Presentations

November 09, 2017

Real-Time Collaboration on Presentations

"When I was a kid, one person opened a powerpoint file, worked on it, and then sent it to the next person."

Yeah, well not anymore grandpa. In Samepage, multiple people can work on a page at the same time and then show it off with our new full-screen "Presenter Mode".

Here's how it works

First, invite your team to a new page where you plan to collaborate on your presentation. Drag and drop your images, write your text, create your spreadsheets, etc. Once you've got all the content you want to present on your page, just add page breaks with the nifty green plus button that follows your mouse around.

Select page break to create slides

This will divide your content into slides. Then, when you're ready to present your content in full-screen, simply open the 3-dot menu at the top of the page, and select "Presenter mode". Easy!

Real-Time Collaboration on Presentations