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Real Estate: The Never Stop Business that Needs Always-On Collaboration

June 04, 2015

Real Estate: The Never Stop Business that Needs Always-On Collaboration

New technologies. New laws. Volatile economies. The real estate market and agents are getting pressed from all sides. Only real estate firms that adapt will be successful.

In addition, the competition is steadily growing due to a range of new business models, including discount brokers, fee-for-service brokers, and virtual office website brokers. And this doesn't even address the ever-present competition from the legions of other real estate agents. This market disruption makes it more important than ever for a real estate agent to understand her challenges and figure out business solutions. Real estate firms will need to work smarter to stay on top of the new demands.

Working Collaboratively Keeps this Real Estate Agent Organized and Top-of-Mind

Jonathan Ripka has always loved real estate. He's been in the business for many years. Prior to becoming CEO and the premier agent at Valparaiso Real Estate, he was a successful real estate agent and estate-planning attorney. He knows that unless you are fully committed to real estate and have a solid business plan, you’ll have trouble finding success.

He also knows that a major hurdle real estate professionals face each day is staying organized so they stay present in the minds of prospects and past clients. Since the vast majority of sales come from prior client relationships and from referrals, keeping those relationships strong is a priority for John. His real estate agency uses a free online collaboration tool to make staying connected to past clients and prospects easier.

Real estate is one of the top sectors where people want to search anywhere and anytime. John takes this sector quirk and uses it to his advantage. Within his online collaboration tool, he creates public pages and uses them as Valparaiso’s website. Now past clients and prospects can find all the information they need to choose Valparaiso as their trusted real estate firm. They find:

  • Profiles and contact information of the team who can guide them through the selling and buying process.

  • Information and a photo gallery of all the current homes for sale along with detailed neighborhood maps.

  • An Open House calendar when prospects can tour available properties.

  • Testimonials of past client satisfaction with Valparaiso.

But there’s more! Valparaiso staff also uses secure, private pages for their internal work — client pages that contain client details and revenues. And with the online collaboration tool's mobile app, agents can work collaboratively by accessing and posting to Valparaiso pages while in the field — a must for real estate agents! Such collaborative work is what keeps Valparaiso Real Estate at the top of its game.

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