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Ready to leave Evernote? Try our Evernote alternative.

December 14, 2016

Ready to leave Evernote? Try our Evernote alternative.

Update 12/16/2017 - Evernote made some clarifications on the 15th, and it appears that they are walking back their "no opt out" policy for machine learning. We think this is great. We also think Samepage is a good alternative to Evernote for several reasons, even if privacy, for now, is not one of those considerations.

You might have heard the recent news that Evernote employees can now read your notes, and there's no way to opt out. This follows on the heels of a price increase earlier in the year. So you might be ready to leave Evernote. We hope you consider Samepage, and to help you see if it's worth the switch, we wrote this guide:

Notes: Evernote has notes. Samepage has pages. They're both places to gather ideas, share files, and collaborate with teammates, except Samepage pages let your whole team edit in real time and do more to help you manage work. We'll get to that later.

Notebooks: Evernote uses notebooks to organize your notes. You can think of these notebooks as projects. Samepage organizes pages by teams, so you can have a team set up for each project, and group relevant pages in each team.

Teamwork: Evernote lets you share individual notes ad-hoc, and lets you invite collaborators to notebooks so your entire team can work together. In Samepage, you can achieve the same by creating teams and team pages, and inviting your collaborators.

Files: Evernote supports Google Drive. That's pretty limiting if you're one of the millions of people who use Dropbox, Box, Egnyte, and/or Microsoft OneDrive. Don't worry; Samepage has you covered with built-in integrations to the cloud file services your team needs. Also, Evernote has a 25MB file size limit, which really isn't that big. With Samepage, you can upload a single file as large as 5GB.

Work Management: In Evernote, it's possible to create rudimentary checklists and set reminders. In Samepage, you can create tasks with assignees, due dates, and notes. You can also create and color code events on a team calendar. These events and tasks can be organized on the page, or the team level so everyone can see what work is coming up and what work is due to be done.

Communication: Evernote has Work Chat. Samepage has Samepage Chat. We both have Chat.

There are plenty of other Evernote alternatives out there, but if you think Samepage might be a good fit, you can get your team on Samepage. And just in case you were wondering, our employees aren't able to see any of the information you keep on Samepage.