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Productivity Hits Light Speed

March 10, 2016

Productivity Hits Light Speed

Today I'm pleased to invite you to participate in our public preview of Samepage's hottest new feature: Team Pages.

Team Pages, built on our proprietary Livepage architecture, means distributed teams can now collaborate in a live real-time work environment. Teams can simultaneously co-create, update, and edit their content in Samepage. With Team Pages, you instantly see what each person is doing to the content you're co-creating.

This capacity, coupled with our recent integration with Google Hangouts, explodes team productivity. Rather than your typical video conference call, where only one person can take notes or edit on a shared screen, now every team member can contribute to the same page with all changes instantly viewable. Conversation and ideas flow, work product is co-created. Livepage technology smooths the creative and often complex work process instead of impeding it.

Picture Bill writing a narrative sales report as Saniya edits it. Meanwhile, Maria updates the sales numbers as Hiroshi enters them in the table. They are all working on the same page, at the same time, and they all see what's happening, as it happens. Bill is in his office, Saniya is in the building next door, Maria is in London, and Hiroshi is calling in from the airport.

This is what it means to #GetWorkDone in today's world.

When you couple Team Pages with Team Chat and 1-to-1 Chat, content and conversation are brought seamlessly together. Costly context-switching will quickly become a distant memory as productivity soars.

Light Speed is Only the Beginning

We're offering Team Pages as a public preview because we want your feedback. We want to know what else we could add that would make Team Pages an even richer and more productive live work environment.

We'll continue to add more powerful features over the coming months. Features such as greater granular control over team pages for privacy and access, as well as enhanced file management capabilities, and of course, a mobile app version, among dozens of others.

In the meantime, Samepage users can continue to create and use original pages. To join the Livepage preview, login into your Samepage account, and select a team from the main navigation and Team Pages will be visible right below Team Chat.

I look forward to hearing what you think of Team Pages. Tell us what works, what doesn't. What else would make Samepage perfect for what you want to get done? We're on a mission to eradicate context-switching by building the most complete, flexible, and intuitive team collaboration platform on the planet. To do that, we need your thoughts and ideas. Thank you!