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Plein Air Outings are Easier with Samepage

April 03, 2015

Plein Air Outings are Easier with Samepage

Are you a plein air artist enduring a long, hard, cold winter? Well, not to fear. The hint of spring is upon us and you probably can’t wait to get outdoors in great painting conditions in the perfect setting. You can just envision it, right? Seated in a field at your easel, birds singing, bees humming, calm breezes blowing, incredible natural light and color. Or maybe you imagine yourself at the seashore with its sandy beaches, rhythmic waves, and the splendor of the smells and sounds — it can’t help but get your creative juices flowing.

No matter what your skill level or medium, interpreting what you find in nature is what you live for.  And when you can paint outdoors with like-minded friends, it's even better.

Finding three to four hours (plus travel!) to paint outdoors together can be a challenge. It takes regular, advance planning so you can spend more time painting what you love, instead of chasing down details.

Phoebe, Plein Air and Samepage

Phoebe grew up on the warm coast of southern California.  When she was young, she spent a great deal of her time sketching her surroundings. She is now a graphic designer, but her greatest joy is plein air painting. She’s the leader of a small close-knit painting group and she organizes the group’s monthly paint-outs.

She uses Samepage with some of her clients at work and knew it would be the perfect tool to organize and manage the painting group. Phoebe's created her Samepage with:

  • Group contact list

  • The paint-out schedule

  • Maps of the pre-selected locations where the group plans to meet

  • Checklist of all necessary supplies (and of course food & drinks) to bring to the paint-outs

  • A calendar of workshops and classes she wants to sign-up for

  • Links to local art group websites

  • Local events and details

  • Articles for the group to read and share

Because Samepage lets her share pages, all group members have access so they can stay up to date on paint-out plans, ask questions, or post to the page themselves — and they can do all this on the go using their mobile devices. It was a breeze for them to learn.  And what could be better for starving artists — Samepage is FREE!