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Planning Spring Break

March 03, 2015

Planning Spring Break

Spring break is around the corner. Like most college students, I bet you're looking for an escape from the pressures and stresses of college life. Are you heading some place warm and sunny? Or does finding a snow-capped mountain sound more appealing? Whether you’re planning a trip to sand and surf or aiming to help others with volunteer work like Habitat for Humanity — the key to a great Spring Break is to be organized with well-thought-out plans.

Get Organized

  • Who's going?

  • What's your budget?

  • Where / how are you going?

  • Where are you staying?

  • What are the discount options?

Spring break doesn't have to be expensive. There are student discounts for almost everything from ski rentals to golf lessons. There are lots of websites dedicated to student travel where you'll find some amazing spring packages and hotel discounts.

Once you decide on your budget and destination, buy your tickets (if you need them) and reserve where you'll stay. Hotels can get pricey, but if you ask for a group discount, you could get a better deal. Renting a vacation condo and splitting the costs can be cheaper because you can cook your own meals — not to mention having a more spacious place.

Traveling by plane? Find out what the latest restrictions are so you minimize any hassles involved — acceptable ID, baggage size requirements, liquid rules for carry-ons, the rules change all the time. And you don't want to forget items such as: passports, smartphones and charger, credit cards, GoPro cameras, ATM card, medical and car insurance cards, cash, emergency contact numbers, and numbers to your credit card companies.

Not Sure How to Plan the Trip?

Megan is no different than most college students — she longs to get into some sunshine and wiggle her toes in the sand. She's in her junior year, with exams to study for and papers to write. She is so sleep-deprived and stressed out — she desperately wants to escape the long, cold, wet winter. She and three of her BFFs agreed to indulge a little bit — this year in awesome Florida! But they've got a problem — absolutely no time to plan the trip. There's gotta be an app for this, right? Right!

Megan already uses Samepage to organize and manage her class projects so she knows it’s the perfect tool to make planning Spring Break easier. She's created a page so she and her BFFs can manage all their spring break planning and logistics. With Samepage and its mobile app, communication couldn’t be easier. Everything is in one online location. They're constantly updating it while on the go and sharing ideas and staying up to date on their latest plans. Megan added a task list with due dates so no important deadlines will be missed, a packing list so they don’t forget anything, and a spreadsheet for managing budget details. And while they're away they can add photos and videos of the trip to the page to share with friends and family as it happens! Selfies anybody? And the price fits right within their budget. It’s free!

Planning a trip might be new for you. No need to stress. Relax — a great Spring Break is waiting for you.