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Planning My Garden

May 07, 2015

Planning My Garden

Whether you have a small or large area where you want to plant a garden, the process can be fun and enjoyable. Besides, it comes with so many benefits — relieving stress, helping the planet, growing yummy edibles. Once you start, it will quickly become one of your favorite pastimes. But creating a garden you love doesn't just happen. It takes research and thoughtful planning.

I've got a bare spot in my yard that's been calling out to me to do something about it for a long time now. I can’t put if off any longer. The time has come! I'm going to plant a flower garden. I can just imagine a vase of my own freshly cut flowers — roses, peonies, gladiolas, sweet peas, and lilies! And I think I’ll grow some fresh herbs as well to add to my favorite recipes — maybe some basil, chives, fennel, and mint. I need help organizing this project or it will never get off the ground [Hah! Pun intended.]

Thank goodness for Samepage! I downloaded the free app to my iPhone and quickly learned how to create a page to help me manage all aspects of my garden project. I've researched the type of soil and best plants for my region, figured out how much sunlight my garden gets during the day, learned about the flowers hummingbirds (my favorite bird) love that are low upkeep and drought tolerant. Next I created my page with a section showing sketches of different ideas for my garden layout, my budget (of course!), a list of the flowers, herbs, and supplies that I need from the nursery, all of my to-do’s, and photos for inspiration.

I’ve also thought long and hard about colors and perennials vs. annuals. I’ve poured over picture after picture of flower gardens in books and online. I put links to my favorite gardening sites that are filled with gardening tips and information specific to the conditions of my soil and amount of sunlight. I’ve even watched tons of YouTube videos, and visited lots of local nurseries for information and ideas. Too much! My Samepage is now my go-to spot for all things gardening. And I can share my page and access it on-the-go with my iPhone so my trips to the nursery are incredibly productive.

Now, it’s time to roll up my sleeves, grab my hubby and kids to help, and get started. Who knows, maybe we’ll smell fresh cut roses sooner than I thought. Now might be an ideal time to plant your garden, too. Learn how Samepage can help you.