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Party Planner Tips

November 29, 2017

Party Planner Tips

Your team already has a solid track record of success in using Samepage to deliver on project deadlines. Now it's time to put those skills to use on this year's most mission-critical project - the holiday party. Let's get it done.

Create a New Team

You'll be inviting guests outside of your organization to the party (vendors, contractors, clients, etc.), but you may also want to invite them to work with you in Samepage on the party-planning collaboration. This is a great reason to create a dedicated team for the project. It'll allow you to organize contributors and content in a dedicated and secure space.

Create a team

Create a Page in Your New Team

A page is the best place to collaborate with others in real time on a complex project like this. You'll need surveys, images, maps, calendar events, and more - this is exactly what pages are made for. As decisions are made and the event plan evolves, you'll see it happen live, all in one place.

Add a Survey

A survey might be the easiest way to choose a venue, pick a date, see who'll attend, etc. Simply add a Survey to the page, enter your options, and let your attendees do the talking.

Add a survey

Add Images & Videos

Liven up the page with images or videos of potential venues, food, and other themed ideas. It'll help people vote and make the page a little more fun.

Add images

Share the Date & Location

Once you've chosen a venue and a date, it's time to add a calendar event and a map to the page.

Share events and maps

Delegate Tasks to the Team

Now might be a good time to start putting a task list together. Add a few tasks and assign them to fellow collaborators so they can help you move this project forward.

Assign Tasks

Keep Costs in Check

Add a spreadsheet to the page, complete with autocalculating formulas so you can keep an eye on all the costs you're planning to incur.

Assign Tasks

Arrange Seating with Diagrams

Our built-in diagram tool will help you make sure everyone has a seat in the right place. Easily drag and drop shapes, insert text and color-code it to perfection.

Diagrams for seating

Keep Conversations Organized

As the project evolves, share feedback on specific content to keep conversations organized. The right team members will get automatically notified of comments and progress throughout the project's lifespan.

Post comments on content

So there you have it! The wide variety of content you can put on a page is pretty powerful, isn't it? Combine that with the ability for everyone to chat via text or video on the page, and you'll not only have a perfectly planned party, but a great place to share content during the party! Enjoy and happy holidays from all of us at Samepage!