Desktop app? Yes please!

The Samepage Desktop App for makes it even easier to hop into Samepage. One click and you're in. Plus, it'll help you synchronize your team files to your computer for easy updating and offline access.

Our Brand New Design For Desktops

October 29, 2018

Our Brand New Design For Desktops

It's time to celebrate. Today, Samepage unveils a powerful new desktop design. It's been shaped, tweaked, tested, and polished by rockstar developers, designers, and power collaborators alike. We'd love to go on bragging about it, but the design speaks for itself, so we'll keep this short.


You spend hours with Samepage, so we're making it a little easier on the eyes. Choose one of twelve colors to set the mood. For demonstration purposes, we'll use a corporate blue, but feel free to get wild with your own personal setting.

Choose Your New Theme Color


In your chosen color, it waits on your left, quietly keeping tabs on updates that deserve your attention. On command, it brings you whatever you need: search results, recent comments, your teams, people you chat with, your task list and calendar, maybe a sandwich...


This is where the dock delivers your latest request. The dock list humbly hides itself when you view your task list or calendar, but you can always hide it with a click when you need more screen space or quiet time.


Your teams also got some love in this redesign round. In a thin section across the top, you can now access a team's settings, sub-teams, page list, conversations, tasks, events, and files. You can also see all team members and guests in the upper right-hand corner, making it easier to chat directly with anyone via text, voice, or video.


Don't let its subtle visual presence fool you. It'll be huge for those of you who rely on team file synchronization. This indicator reveals itself to inform you of new and pending file sync activity. If you're wondering why that massive file isn't on your hard drive yet, a glance in this direction will tell you it's on the way.

Alright, monologue complete! If you haven't seen it for yourself already, login and check it out. We hope you'll love it as much as we do.

Cheers from all of us at Samepage!