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Other Awesome Collaboration Tools we use to Manage our Projects

July 27, 2016

Other Awesome Collaboration Tools we use to Manage our Projects

At Samepage we take collaboration seriously. Collaboration allows us to do our best work by combining our talents with other people in our company, and with great partners outside of our company. We love creating new collaboration tools and we also love to work with outstanding collaboration tools from other companies. Here are a few of our favorite collaboration tools that aren’t Samepage in our collaboration stack:

Google Docs

We spoke a little about integrations in our post illustrating 8 Samepage features that help you manage projects better. We love Google Docs because as a platform, it’s flexible and collaborative in and of itself. That's why we made it easy to add your Google Docs via our Google Drive integration, and even made it possible to embed Google Docs right into Samepage pages.


We've mentioned JIRA briefly in our guide to how our customer support team works. We use JIRA to track and manage our development and engineering teams. JIRA is jam-packed with features our dev team uses to deliver weekly updates to Samepage. We create and track tickets for bug fixes. We track project burn down. And we use it to manage our development timeline. Atlassian markets JIRA as group therapy for teams; we call it group necessary to help us get more done.


Freshdesk is our community platform. The Samepage community is the place for our users to share ideas and feedback. The community is the basis for our collaboration with our customers. The ideas section of the community is a space where anyone can share ideas to improve a small function in Samepage, or a large increase in functionality. Other users can like ideas to show their support, or put their own recommendations out there for the community to vote on. We track in-progress and implemented ideas with tags in the thread.

Google Hangouts

The future of work is becoming less dependent on physical location. With a team distributed across the country, and even the world, getting some face time is critical to maintaining collaborative relationships. Google Hangouts is an easy way to get face time with a coworker quickly. It's so important to us that we integrated Hangouts right into Samepage, so we can launch a quick Hangout from just about anywhere. Now it’s easy to have a quick face-to-face from a chat or a project page in Samepage.

What collaboration tools does your team use to manage projects and get more done? We'd love to hear from you via: @samepageio,

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