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Organizing Your Recipes and Meal Planning

February 19, 2015

Organizing Your Recipes and Meal Planning

You’re a busy mom with a crazy schedule, right? Are days a whirlwind of activity? Who’s picking up Hannah from gymnastics? Is it time for Conner’s tutoring session already? And you’re probably already on overload when someone asks, “What’s for dinner?” ­— one of the most stress-inducing questions of your day, right? So now you’re thinking, okay, add stop by the store (or maybe takeout) to my to-do list. You’re also a mom who takes good care of her family and wants to make real, nutritious meals for them more often than not, but how can you make the time?

You can manage all this, but you need some meal planning, time-saving help. A weekly meal plan and the right organization tool is key.

Lian's Meal Planning Solution

Lian is a very busy mom of three. She normally doesn’t even start thinking about dinner until around 5:00. She struggles to figure out what to serve and often doesn't have the ingredients she needs. She often relies on processed foods and doesn't feel good about it. There are many days when her family doesn't even eat until 7:00, or maybe later. Feel familiar?

Lian’s neighbor uses Samepage to manage her book club and suggested Lian try it to help organize cooking for her family. Lian downloaded the free app on her iPhone and was able to quickly get started creating a cooking and recipe Samepage. It took her no time to learn.

Samepage let her create daily meal plans for the week along with her family's favorite recipes and a list of ingredients for each meal. She then created her shopping list for the week and planned her shopping trip around her menus. Fewer last-minute trips to the grocery store. She knows what items to have on hand in her fridge, freezer, and pantry making grocery shopping so much faster. A much needed time saver!

Samepage helps her keep a few staples on hand too, for meals that her family loves and are easy to cook for when she’s had an extra-stressful day and doesn’t feel like thinking too hard about what to cook (like tacos, spaghetti, or hamburgers).

Now Lian takes a few minutes of quiet time each Sunday (a feat in itself!), to create nutritious menus for her family for the week. And she was thrilled to learn that Samepage lets her invite family and other moms to access and post to her Samepage as well. Lian and other moms are starting to collaborate - each mom takes a week and plans menus and they share them. That way they don't have to work so hard every week.

Samepage also lets her store all kinds of files — text, photos, videos, spreadsheets, and more — so she can link to instructional videos from some of her favorite chefs on new recipes she wants to try. Lian keeps a list of recipe, menu planning, and coupon websites on her Samepage as well so now all of her meal planning information is in one place, that’s always easy to access, for free!

Lian’s still working on it, but she’s learning to plan ahead, keep her recipes simple, get the kids and spouse to help her regularly, prepare enough of one meal to freeze for later in the week, and use Samepage to keep it all organized.

With Samepage all your recipe and meal planning information can be in one place, that’s always easy to access wherever you are. For free. So get cooking.