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Organizing a Video Shoot With Samepage

September 10, 2015

Organizing a Video Shoot With Samepage

We've already shown you how we use Samepage to gather our notes in a story board to get ready for shoot day. Now we'll show you how we use Samepage to make sure production goes off without a hitch.

As you can see from the story board, there are a lot of moving parts that go into the shots. We need to make sure that day of, we have every prop, every person, and every take ready to go so we can get things done on time and budget. Really, we need a place to get everyone on the same page.

Running a Shoot with Samepage

Once we have the story sorted out, the next big challenge is all of the logistics needed for a shoot. While most ideas seem straightforward at first, even translating a recipe to film is a major logistical challenge. That's why we create a shoot day page for each shoot. We collect all of the details in one place. Having one page where we keep our prop list, shot list and storyboard, as well as timing and location information, streamlines communication and makes sure our shoots go off smoother than ever!

Our work isn't over once we wrap. At the end of the day we'll have the raw clay that we need to mold into the final video. So we head to post production where we use Samepage to work closely with our client to realize their vision.

Creative Collaboration Made Easy

We treat each client’s page as a collaboration canvas. They all upload different files for brainstorming ideas before the shoot — documents, images, videos, etc. This helps them finalize the shoot details — location(s), wardrobe, models, product placements, special effects — and to finalize the shot list. Once the shoot is over, we can submit cuts so clients can review them immediately. We can propose different bumpers and takes for the video and get feedback directly from the client all in one place. The discussion continues – which cuts work best, any retouching or special effects needed, etc. — in real time.

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