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The Samepage Desktop App for makes it even easier to hop into Samepage. One click and you're in. Plus, it'll help you synchronize your team files to your computer for easy updating and offline access.

Organize Your Professional Life

July 13, 2015

Organize Your Professional Life

We’ve been making changes at Samepage so this Tip is a little outdated. Don’t worry! There are tons of new features to help you get more done. Take a look at the new Samepage in our guide, Switching to new Samepage.

Ever feel like your professional life needs a little more organization? Does your team have one central location to post files or collaborate on projects?

With Samepage, we've made it easy to stay ahead of your workload:

  • Store team and 1:1 meeting notes

  • Host and share meeting calendars

  • Share and collaborate on team budgets

  • Collaborate on hiring decisions

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