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Organize Your Life with Personal Pages

July 10, 2014

Organize Your Life with Personal PagesWhen I came to Kerio as a Senior Product Manager three months ago, it probably wasn’t more than 48 hours before I began using Samepage both inside and outside the company. Yes, outside the company—from the committee I am on for a national non-profit, to planning trips with friends, to organizing just about everything else in my life. Samepage works so great for me in the office that I couldn’t help but use it for other projects and groups. From talking to other Samepage users, I know I’m not alone. So, what does it all lead to? Supporting the organizer in you with the introduction of Personal Pages. Simply put, we want Samepage to work for your company and whatever else you organize. Plus, we’ve added a few other great enhancements to the Samepage experience.

Personal Pages

Previously, users who wanted to use Samepage to organize and collaborate for non-business use were forced to create new organizations or use company storage for new pages. Now, Personal Pages gives you your own space for creating and sharing pages for anything: household bills, family events, clubs and more. Like any other organization (which we now call “groups"), Personal Pages gets its very own News Feed and Home screen (read more about the Home screen, below). The difference is, you are your own administrator, you get up to 2GB and 500 pages (free!), and there’s no need to manage a team of users — just create and share the pages with whomever you want, whenever you want. Your pages, your rules. Your personal space is conveniently named after, well, you... so simply start by selecting your name from the main Samepage menu. The pages you use personally have all the same great features available to you as any other page, so it will be a familiar experience. Enjoy!

Enhancements to Cloud Files

Expanding upon existing cloud file integrations, you can now link to your files in Box, create Google Drive documents directly from within Samepage and allow others to edit your files.

Home Screen

The new Home screen puts everything you need -- Pages and News Feed -- in one, easy-to-access location. Like our other releases, this blog post is just the beginning. To learn more about this update head on over to the Samepage Community. Ready to get started? Login to Samepage now and start checking out the new features.