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Online Marketing Campaign - Bine Brewery (10110 Imperial IPA)

May 14, 2015

Online Marketing Campaign - Bine Brewery (10110 Imperial IPA)

Hi! My name is Tracy and I work at Bine Brewing Company. Our marketing team is super excited about the upcoming launch of our new 10110 IPA beer. We’re planning a local event to announce it as well as a big online splash. We’re fortunate to have a strong community of beer lovers who are Bine Brewing fans. We expect this tasty new brew will do well in the market — as long as we can capture people’s attention quickly.

There are numerous channels and tools I need to create a truly effective online marketing campaign — content, social media, a strong presence on the internet, email, video, offline marketing such as print or TV ads to name a few. My worst nightmare is failing to integrate all our marketing assets and as a result our campaign doesn’t have the reach it should. I shudder when I imagine someone receiving a campaign email we sent urging them to visit our Facebook page, who goes there only to find it doesn’t have any of the information we promised. OMG. That's exactly the kind of disconnect we must avoid!

My team is based in different locations across the U.S. so I needed a secure, cloud-based project management app that my entire team could quickly learn and use to share content, updates, and feedback — whether they were working in or out of the office.

What a relief to find Samepage! I created a project page for the campaign that houses everything we need to work collaboratively. And, we can all access and post to those Samepages for 10110 IPA — including our outside team members such as our writers and videographers. Perfect! I created a to-do list and assigned tasks to different people. Now everyone knows who’s doing what and when tasks are due.

We’re able to post our most important files — e.g. the most recent customer survey results, the list of stores where 10110 IPA will be sold, our Adwords campaign content and results. We’ve also been able to post the most recent label designs, with high res photos we can use in our campaigns. We put up the latest version of the Creation of 10110 Imperial IPA video for team input and reviews. But my most favorite module is the campaign cost/conversion spreadsheet that Ellen is using to track cost of sales by channel! I adore showing off how effective our campaigns are!

Samepage makes it so much easier to get our work done. No more disconnects for my team. Not only do things get done on time. What we do is more successful in generating results. I love that!

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