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No More Mystery Comments - Samepage Helps Me Collaborate & Share Easily

May 06, 2014

No More Mystery Comments - Samepage Helps Me Collaborate & Share EasilyWhen I'm not at the office helping drive demand gen for Kerio and Samepage, I'm home building websites on the side. Of course, I use Samepage to manage these projects under one account. Each client I work with has their own page (and subpages), where we manage tasks, the project timeline, invoices, design approvals and more. When I'm ready for the client to review and approve changes I've made, I ask that they reply via Samepage. This way, I have the approvals all in one place, in context with the project. I don't have to go digging through old emails looking for an approval that someone may have forgotten they gave. There was only one drawback. Since these clients aren't part of my organization, every time they posted feedback, it looked anonymous - posted by "Guest." So, I asked that with every comment, they add their name to the end, so I know what's what. Not ideal. That all changes today. The latest release of Samepage introduces new and improved sharing that makes it easier for me to collaborate with the clients outside my organization. I can now invite my clients to specific pages and classify them as Page Members so they can read or edit the page. They receive an email invitation, create a user name and password, and now I know who has access to my page, and who's actually posting comments. Also, my clients can now see all pages shared with them, directly from the new "Shared with me" page. It's a win-win for everyone.