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New Feature Improvements

May 26, 2016

New Feature Improvements

Today's "What's New" brings you several cool little features:
Team Owner
You may have already noticed the super cute crowns on top of team members' avatars. Since this is a new feature release, the default sets all existing members in teams as Team Owners. When you create a team, you'll automatically be the Team Owner, and will have special powers like:

  • setting team privacy level
  • removing members from the team
  • deleting or renaming the team
  • assigning or removing the Team Owner role from other team members

Move Folders

Now you can cut and paste folders to other teams. Simply click the three little dots next to the folder name, select "Cut Folder", and then paste the folder in the desired location.
@person mention

Grab your teammate's attention by @mentioning them in chat. They'll see "@" in the red dot notification.

Page Item Chat

Now you can chat about specific items on a page (i.e. files, tasks, images, events, etc.). Hover to the top right of the item until the 4 dots appear, then select the conversation bubble to start chatting. 

Then, you'll see something like this in Page Chat: