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The new chapter of Samepage: Task boards

December 05, 2019

The new chapter of Samepage: Task boards

Today is a big day that marks the future of Samepage development. We have a new document type called Task Board to please all the task lovers and project managers.

We know you love tasks. You create thousands of them every day. But sometimes tasks on pages are just not enough due to the nature of the page. You might want to sort them, hide completed ones, or maybe organize them in some different way. And team tasks are missing the general conversation as you have on a page. And we know you'd love to visualize your to-dos in some other way than just plain list. We present to you, Task Boards.

What is a Task Board?

Task Board (or Kanban for those who know) depicts work at various stages of a process using tasks shown as cards with columns representing each stage of a process. There you move items from left to right to show progress and to help coordinate teams performing the work. Most common use it something along:

  • To do — Design — Development — To Review — Completed
  • Bugs — Important Bugs — Critical Bugs — Fixed
  • Backlog — Planned — In progress — Completed
  • New lead — Contacted — Waiting for a response — Won — Lost
Example of a task board

Task Board with chat is better

To have a conversation about an individual task is crucial. Still, sometimes, you only want to figure out how the team is doing. If everything goes according to the plan and no bumps on the road. Such a question obviously would not make sense to be posted to an individual task. That's why we have a chat on a Task Board that gives you a stream of all task chats. We're keeping our promises - content & conversation together.

Task Board with chat is better

Creating Task Board in Samepage

To create a task board on Samepage, all you need is to click the "New" button in the Documents (formerly Pages) section of the team. That allows you to create a document from a template that can help you optimize your work or to make a blank one right away. When you select a Blank Task Board, the board will create, and you can start by naming your first column. Create a few more columns and fill them with tasks. These are regular tasks you're familiar with, with all the features they currently have.

Editing task on tasks board in Samepage

More colors

Managing tasks can be hard, dull work. To brighten those tasteless gray days, we are upgrading our task color palette with new options. Now you can choose from 20 solid colors and 20 outlines to make your task board easy to organize and pleasant to watch. Sometimes it's useful to color-code tasks based on the assignee, sometimes based on the type of activity, and sometimes it can go together with priority. We're sure you'll come up with creative ideas, how will colors improve your workflow.

Creating Task Board in Samepage

Tell us how you use Task Boards

We love your feedback, so share with us pictures on Facebook and Twitter about how you use task boards. Templates for Task Boards are currently in the works, and so your approach to task board can get into our template picker.

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