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New Calendar Features and Improvements, Task Notifications

October 14, 2016

New Calendar Features and Improvements, Task Notifications

My Calendar

You may have noticed the calendar in your main nav is now called "My Calendar." This calendar lets you see events from all the teams you belong to, in one place. How nice is that?

Edit events in your calendar by simply clicking on the event and changing any details.


Team Calendar

What if you just want to see events for a specific team? Well, now you can! Each team now comes with its very own Team Calendar.

View at a glance important events like looming deadlines, your team members' PTO days, and any other events created in your team's pages.


Exporting Events in Samepage to an External Calendar

This is a Pro feature that enables you to export events from My Calendar or Team Calendar to any iCal-supported calendars like Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, or Outlook (whew, that's a lot of "calendar").

For more information on exporting Samepage events, check out the help article


Task Notifications

In My Tasks and Team Tasks, you'll now receive an "@" notification for:

  • any new tasks that have been assigned to you
  • any completed tasks that you have assigned to others