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Move Fast And Break Things

November 14, 2019

Move Fast And Break Things

We borrowed Mark Zuckerberg's quote for the title of this post because we find it quite fitting. Let's see Samepage's take on it.

Break Things

Recently, you may have noticed that we were changing the workflow around the core element of the Samepage - pages. We set ourselves a goal to improve the way you create pages. We also wanted to expand the set of predefined templates to help you start with content.

In doing so, we delivered various styles of the template picker. The UI was changing several times over a few days, sometimes quite a lot. We know it might sound crazy, and you may ask: "Are you testing unfinished stuff on customers?" Well, in a way, yes.

Don't you have a QA department?

No. We don't have it for real.

That doesn't mean we don't care about quality. Of course, we do — a lot. That is why we have a comprehensive set of automated tests. These help us avoid releasing buggy code. On top of that, we first test everything on ourselves - the Samepage team - for one or two days before it goes to production. This setup allows us to release new stuff daily and much faster.

But these changes were not about code quality. They were about user experience. Now, who can better tell that UX is excellent than a real user? We value your feedback a lot. Rather than polishing something that might end up clunky, we release and iterate to deliver the best possible experience.

So what was going on?

Samepage pages are an excellent collaborative tool. You can use them as a canvas and create amazing content to fit virtually anything you need. But often, it was a little bit difficult to explain the potential of pages and show how they can help you work smarter. We lacked a decent set of predefined templates to showcase all the possibilities. We used to have templates. But there were only very few of them, and the old template picker was slow, clunky, and did not scale.

Old template picker

Moving fast

So we decided to change it to list with a preview. It was a good start. We finally could add dozens of templates to accommodate every need. But it was hard to use. We heard your feedback and improved.

Template picker on page
Template picker on page

And here we are with a new, powerful template picker to assist you to collaborate on Samepage.

Template picker

All of this happened within one week — from the initial idea to production. You can move fast if you're willing to learn. We learned thanks to you! We're thrilled with how we improved the picker from what it was before. Enjoy!