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Most Intriguing 10 Collaboration & Technology “Thinkers” on Twitter

June 26, 2014

Most Intriguing 10 Collaboration & Technology “Thinkers” on TwitterOne of the things we love about Twitter is the ability to create our own unique lists of Twitter accounts. It’s an easy way to organize who we’re following so we’re not drinking water from the fire hose that is the usual newsfeed. We got to thinking you might find that Twitter feature useful as well. So for your convenience, we’ve created a list of our favorite business collaboration tweeters. You can copy and paste whoever you want from this list, or you can just subscribe to ours on Twitter and get them all. We’ll keep adding to our list as we discover more folks. And we’d love to get your suggestions as well! Tweet them to us at: and you'll be entered into our monthly Amazon gift card drawing.

Collaboration Thinkers

Chris Anderson, @TEDChrisAn entrepreneur (Imagine Media), publisher (Business 2.0), and the founder / Curator of TED, Chris provides a much needed jolt of optimism every day. He tweets about inspirational people, moments, and opportunities from anywhere and everywhere —not just from TED. His faith in humanity and our ability to collaborate to solve problems is delightful, without being saccharine.Oliver Bussmann, @obussmannThe Group CIO at UBS (huge Swiss bank), Oliver is considered by several publications to be the top social Chief Information Officer in the world. He’s a big user and proponent of collaborative tools such as social media and tweets about different practical applications and real-use examples. Articulate and interesting, you just may find yourself immersed in his tweets.Sean Gardner, @2morrowknightSean is HuffPo’s co-founder and lead columnist on the “Twitter Powerhouses Series,” a LinkedIn Influencer and a regular contributor to many publications. He tweets about business, leadership, and technology. Considered the #1 Social Media Power Influencer by Forbes, no Twitter list of big “thinkers” would be complete without him. His tweets are insightful, informative, and thought-provoking.Institute for the Future, @iftfA non-profit think tank, IFTF kinda goes wayyy out there, researching different industries (especially health care, learning, and manufacturing) trying to forecast trends and dynamics that touch upon collaboration. IFTF tweets on all kinds of quirky topics you find yourself becoming fascinated by – for instance #foodwaste and how technology can help reduce it.Boland Jones, @bolandjonesAs the CEO of PGI, Boland tweets about creativity, innovation, and how collaborative technologies can help make those processes even better. He tends to tweet using more diverse and unusual sources than most people, so you don’t see the same old, same old. Like this one, for example:Walt Mossberg, @waltmossbergWalt’s been a fixture for more than 20 years covering high technology for the Wall Street Journal and running the All Things Digital conference. He and Kara Swisher just started a new media company, Revere Digital and their new site, Re/code, brings together some of the best journalists to cover all kinds of digital technologies, including collaboration technologies.Simon Sinek, @simonsinekSimon’s specialty is leadership. A former advertising executive, now best-selling author (Start with Why, Leaders Eat Last), Simon’s first TEDTalk, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” is the third most viewed video on We include him because one of the key ingredients of successful collaboration is having the right kind of leadership. His tweets include themes on innovation, creativity, passion, and purpose. Brian Solis, @briansolisBrian’s another one of those futuristic visionaries who sees things differently, which is what makes his tweets fascinating. As a principal analyst at Altimeter Group, his anthropological background gives him a unique point of view on how technology affects business, marketing, and human culture. He’s not on the “collaboration economy” bandwagon. Instead, he claims it’s more of a “sharing or cooperative economy” — which certainly makes things interesting. He’s also prone to tweeting photos that intrigue you, and leave you smiling. He’s best known for #WTF [What’s the Future (of Business)].Kara Swisher, @karaswisherKara’s another veteran Wall Street Journal journalist (“Boomtown”), who did a prior stint at the Washington Post, and worked with Walt Mossberg to build and run the All Things Digital conference. Kara tweets about technology trends and products of course, but she also generously shares other people’s points of view as well. Her tweets are short, punchy, and direct — making her a lot of fun to follow.Clay Shirky, @cshirkyAuthor of the acclaimed book “Here Comes Everybody,” Clay’s a big proponent of crowdsourcing and online collaboration. When he’s not teaching at NYU, he’s writing, consulting, or speaking (often at TED). He’s one of the few people who actively engage with their followers, sometimes getting into lengthy discussions (some might say arguments). He’s also a bit of an internet activist — at the time of writing, he has posted a photo of Egyptian blogger Alaa Abd El Fattah with a link to the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s article to #FreeAlaa. Never a dull moment on Clay’s feed!