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More powerful pages

November 12, 2019

More powerful pages

We bring you three improvements to our primary collaboration element: pages. It all starts with customer feedback.

Template picker

Feedback: "Need more templates for purposeful use cases."

Pages are the core of collaboration on Samepage. Yet some of our customers are still using word processing software. Then they upload these documents to Samepage to collaborate. To inspire you what you can do with pages, we prepared a comprehensive set of templates for various use cases.

Keep in mind that you can create custom templates that will show on the top of the picker. This way, you can optimize the repetitive work of creating specialized pages.

Template picker

Color picker

Feedback: "Can we have more options for colors, specifically when we're selecting team colors?"

Yes, we can. A few weeks ago, we expanded our color palettes. The color palette for teams is broader, and the one for pages and tables is even larger. You can use it to better layout your pages with colored titles. More colors also help you create a lovely looking tables. Check out the images below.

Color picker for teams
Color picker for pages

Table of contents

Feedback: "I like the approach because it is simpler than a wiki and good for collaboration. What I miss are anchor links within pages to be able to improve navigation within or generate a TOC..."

We've heard feedback like this one a lot recently. That's why on desktop, you can see on the top right side of the page an expandable table of contents. It is auto-generated based on headings on the page. That is giving you an excellent overview of the content of the page. At the same time, it allows you to jump to a particular section quickly.

Table of contents
Table of contents in action

We value your feedback

And what would you like to improve on Samepage? Let us know through the "Submit feedback" button on your home screen.