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Mobile Navigation Facelift

September 07, 2020

Mobile Navigation Facelift

Our mobile navigation just got a new facelift. The bottom navigation buttons got reordered, and a new screen was added. Everything was done to help you navigate as quickly as on the desktop. Let's take a tour of our updated mobile navigation.

Mobile Navigation Facelift

Home screen

The first item in the bottom navigation bar is the home screen. It's your ultimate place where you should start browsing your Samepage folders and documents. Everything is there from the whole folder structure, favorites to recently viewed. This is your shortcut when switching from desktop to mobile.

Tip: Make sure to favorite Folders and Documents you are frequently working on to navigate to the content in just two taps.

Tip: Whenever you edit a document or visit a folder, it's automatically added to the Recently Viewed items in the Home. This will help you to navigate back to the content that is important for you, and you are working on right now.

My Agenda

This little calendar icon contains all the events and tasks you should focus on right now. Together with recent updates to tasks & events reminders, it will give you a clear overview of what you should do right now or what meeting you have planned for today.


The Inbox remains unchanged. It's your central place when something is happening in your Samepage organization. Whenever you have a new message, somebody mentions you, or a topic you are subscribed to is being discussed, you will get notification a here. Make sure to start your day here to always read all the news.

People & Communications

Whenever you want to reach individuals, groups or start a call, this is the right place. It's a communication center containing all the direct messaging history and currently ongoing calls.


Search through everything in your Samepage organization. People, Documents, Folders, Tasks, Events, Files,... everything that happened in your account is here. Use search when you are looking for documents that are not listed in your recent items anymore.


Whenever an ongoing call is happening, you will see the phone indicator instead of the people icon on the bottom navigation bar. Ensuring you will never miss a call you should be attending.

Ongoing Call

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