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Meet Our New "Teams" Design

October 12, 2018

Meet Our New

It's all about improving team collaboration here.

In the coming days, you'll get the chance to meet a new design we've been working on. We've been using it internally for a while now, and we love the way it feels. We hope you will too.

This round of design changes focused on content within your teams. What was once a full column of team content (members & guests, chat, tasks, files, pages, etc.) is now a sleek, less intrusive, yet more useful display across the top of your desktop screen.

  1. Team settings and sub-team information is easier to see
  2. Links to your team content consume less space but are more easily accessible and informative
  3. This new section is a big deal, literally. It's got enough space to display every team member and guest avatar for even the biggest of teams. Why? To make it easier for you to chat with or call anyone (or everyone) with just one click from anywhere within the team.
New Teams Design

We also took the opportunity to redesign your team page lists. It'll now be easier to see full page titles along with more hashtags. For those of you who use page folders, you'll be pleased to know that you'll be able to see them even when sorting by most recently updated pages.

New Team Page List Design

We hope you like what you see. It sets the stage for our second round of design changes, which we think you'll love (mostly because we plan to finally spare you from that jumpy team list panel on the left wink emoji). Be on the lookout for a notification from within Samepage, on your desktop app or browser. It'll give you the ability to toggle back and forth between our current design and our new one for two weeks. Then we'll be retiring the current design in favor of the new one for good.

Cheers, and enjoy!