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Master video calling

November 25, 2019

Master video calling

Video calling is one of our crucial collaboration features. To be in touch is especially vital for co-located offices. During the last few weeks, we have been working hard improving our video calling solution.

Video calling in Samepage has quite a few advantages over using third-party standalone software like Skype, JoinMe, or Zoom. Admittedly, it's not the most advanced; on the other hand, it allows you to remain in the context, which is essential for productivity.

Focus, don't switch apps

How many times have you needed to make a note, create a calendar event, assign a task, or share a document with the other call participants? With the standalone solutions, you always need to switch context to another app for each of these tasks. Not with Samepage. That is an all-in-one solution. Take notes, create events, assign tasks, and share content seamlessly.

Samepage is all in one app

Recent improvements in our video calling

Now it is possible to join the call even if you don't have any microphone or webcam. So even in case your computer breaks and you need to borrow one that doesn't have a camera you will be able to attend a video meeting.

Screensharing is great when running meetings for keeping people on the same topic. So naturally, one of many tweaks we did to the video calling was to make it more reliable. In the past, you might have experienced a short disconnection when you started or stopped the screen-sharing, not anymore!

Recent improvements in our video calling

Be more productive during the call

When you're doing a video call on a page on Samepage, you still see the page, and your video call participants are available on the right side. If you wish, you can click to expand the video stream of any participant or keep it as is for the full-page experience.

You can still navigate around Samepage while the call is in progress. Whenever you need to go back to its original location, you know what? - there's a button for that.

Full screen
Call center

Don't miss a thing

Whenever there's a call in progress at any location you have access to, be it team or page, it shows in Calls section in the navigation dock. If you are like us, you can say: I don't want to miss a thing.

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