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Marketing Trends You Didn't Try in 2016 That You Need to Try in 2017

February 01, 2017

Marketing Trends You Didn't Try in 2016 That You Need to Try in 2017

As a savvy marketer or business owner, you keep your finger on the pulse of the latest trends. You know marketing fads can blow up and blow out in a matter of months, so you may be reluctant to jump on a new trend or tool right away. Not all trends are destined to die out — here are 5 marketing trends that should make it on your to-do list for 2017.

Brand Collaborations

Brand-centric messaging across multiple channels can lead to brand fatigue. Stop overwhelming your audience with the same old messaging. Mix things up by working with collaborators to generate new and exciting content that helps get your brand in front of a new audience. 

Brand collaborations aren’t just for shoes. Businesses can collaborate in all kinds of innovative ways. Check out this list of 8 examples of successful co-branding partnerships to see how companies are working together to create engaging content and drive brand awareness. 

Live Video 

You might wonder if live video is here to stay, and the jury may still be out. But when the Motley Fool picks up on the trend, it’s time for your company to dip its toes in the water to see what live video is all about. 

One of the virtues of live video is that the production values are low. The content is more important than the presentation, and your company most likely already has a strong content pipeline. It’s time to get that content in front of a live audience.

One tip — don’t confuse a live video platform with a live video strategy. Just because a live streaming platform is popular today, doesn’t mean it will be the platform of the future. Case in point - popular live broadcasting app is pivoting from broadcasting to hosting hang out sessions. Make your live video strategy platform-agnostic and focus on the content, and the community, not the medium, so you can quickly adapt to the changing platform landscape. 

Customer Experience > Everything Else

We live in the age of the customer. It’s time to start leveraging new platforms to elevate and engage with the customer on their terms. You might think you’re already delivering on this one, but I think Daniel Newman sums is up nicely for Entrepreneur, “For customers already bombarded with information, a great customer experience is becoming baseline.”

As a brand, you need to constantly evaluate how you’re providing a superior customer experience through your omni-channel strategy. Start by thinking like a fan. What would make you a fan of your brand? What would a fan want to see from you? Answering those questions should help you get in the right mindset. 

Moving past data to insights

We’re already generating more data each day than we can understand. The future of data isn’t in more data; it’s about cutting through the noise to get the actionable insights you need for business. 

Now tools are coming into the market place that you don’t need a statistics degree to use. These tools are making it easy to cut through the noise from your marketing data and get to the core of who your customers are, what they’re doing, and why they are doing it. Knowing is only half the battle. Taking these new insights and building them into your marketing strategy will separate the marketers of the past from the marketers of the future. 


People spend more time consuming content on their mobile device than any other type of device. If you’re not gearing your efforts toward mobile, you’re missing the market. Mobile isn’t just about getting your message in front of eyes – mobile offers a multitude of opportunities, like VR and AR, to create more engaging marketing opportunities. 

It may seem like everything’s changing at a lightning pace for modern marketers. While a lot of the channels are changing, the fundamentals stay the same. Know your customer, what they want, and why they want it. New marketing channels and technologies just allow us to get to know our customer better and better meet their needs. Have you already tried some of these channels or tactics? Respond below to share how it worked out.