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Managing A Website Redesign with Samepage

October 01, 2015

Managing A Website Redesign with Samepage

Your website is the face of your company on the Internet - it might even be the only face your customers see on a daily basis! So you need to put your best foot forward at all times. Because of that, there is a lot of pressure when designing a website.

I'm Nikki, and I just started at Bine Brewing, and as you can see we haven't updated our website in a long time. One of my first projects is to work on a website makeover to reflect our new branding. We were worried about working with an external team and the logistics of running a new site while trying to keep up with beer production. So we needed a place where we could gather all of our ideas internally and share them with designers and web experts to help bring our vision to reality. The team was already using Samepage to manage a brand launch of our 10110 IPA, so we created a project for our website redesign:

Samepage makes it easy to track all of the different steps of the process—from ideation, to assigning and managing tasks, to collecting images and files for the site. Better yet, Samepage makes it easy to add external team members to our project, so when we need expert help it's easy to get freelancers and consultants up to speed on our project.

Samepage makes a great meeting tool. During our meeting we can look at examples of pages we want to emulate and write our notes in real-time simultaneously. This way we can get everyone involved in the process.

Once we have the idea sketched out we can start assigning tasks. We can do this on the same project page, so all of our work is kept in one place for the whole team to see.

With Samepage we always have the latest files at our fingertips. Samepage makes it easy to sync files - so when we go through design revisions and update files, we know the files on our project page are up to date.

Those are a few of the ways Samepage makes our lives easier through the arduous process of redesigning our website. Fortunately you can get started with this handy online collaboration tool for free in less than a minute!