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Managing a Side Business From Home

February 24, 2015

Managing a Side Business From Home

For some moms, after you have kids, a traditional career may not support the family centric values you now crave. You’re thinking maybe it's time to be your own boss and start a business from home.

You already know that managing a business from home while being a full-time mom won't be easy. But with the right business idea, some hard work can bring in extra income and give you a sense of satisfaction that makes the effort worthwhile.

If you’re a work-at-home mom (or considering becoming one), it takes a lot of planning and careful organization to stay productive. You not only have to organize your own workday, but your kid’s day as well.

Getting Started

You set up a designated workspace in the dining room. You've decided on specific "office" hours. You’ve made a rule to make no personal calls or answer personal emails while you're working (unless it’s an emergency, of course). But it’s still incredibly difficult to stay on top of the action items, meetings, and deadlines while managing childcare, household chores, and school activities, too.

When you’re self-employed you often work alone. There’s no one else to keep you organized. No boss to keep you on task. No assistant to help you manage your work and home responsibilities, keep you organized on the go, and give you access to everything you need anywhere, anytime in one central location. Or is there?

Christina Cruz worked in finance for two large companies for five years before giving birth to her second son, Joaquín. Instead of going back to work for a corporation, she decided to take the leap. She became a work-at-home freelance bookkeeper for small businesses providing accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliation, and financial report preparation services. She was ecstatic about the possibility of providing a more family-centered lifestyle while bringing in some much needed cash. She meticulously reviewed the Small Business Administration website to tackle everything she needed to set up a home business. Then armed with experience, a B.S. in Accounting, and a list of prospects from friends and family, she set out to get clients. It took well over a month, but her persistence paid off and she finally landed her first two clients. She was thrilled!

But she knew her credibility and success depended on her staying organized both at work and at home. She needed the right tools to help manage her clients and meet deadlines. She decided to use the Samepage project collaboration app she ran across while researching her business.

She set up a Samepage for her business and a Samepage for each client, where she housed all client information, project descriptions, contact lists, tasks and due dates, files, and meeting schedules. Christina was delighted with how secure Samepage was, so she knew her clients' information would be protected. And because she can selectively share Samepages, each client only has access to their important information. And it didn’t take long for her clients to come up to speed using Samepage. Within minutes they were posting and commenting in real-time, saving lots of unnecessary emails. Best of all, Samepage was free to get started. And, as Christina grows her business, Samepage will still be affordable.

Christina recently set up a Samepage for managing household activities as well! Now she is able to efficiently split her time between work and home to get things done. Everything she needs is in one central location. Being a work at home mom isn’t without its challenges, but Samepage sure makes it a lot easier.