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Manage Your Teams and Projects Remotely as a Construction Manager with Samepage

November 12, 2015

Manage Your Teams and Projects Remotely as a Construction Manager with Samepage

There's nothing that compares to the satisfaction of completing a construction project - there's also nothing more frustrating in the world than managing and accounting for every detail of the project.

The number of hurdles to jump through is incredible. From the original architect's drawings, city reviews and permitting, to inspections and the final punch list - nothing goes according to plan. As a construction manager, you have to supervise and manage every aspect of the project, from the drawings to reality. You'll work with a large team of consultants, subcontractors and vendors—for everything from lighting to mill work—to get the job done.

Most of this work is done over the phone and through email. Keeping track of all of the files, change orders and deliveries is daunting, and things are likely going to go wrong.

Carlos is a construction manager for CH Construction, and is responsible for the build out of a new retail store.

Samepage is a great way for the team to keep their files in one place - in addition to the paper drawings kept on site. When Carlos needs to hop on a call with the architect, MEP consultant, and Sub to check the schematic - they're all working from the same document. Samepage works with all file types, even CAD files. Permits and insurance information is saved so they can be easily reviewed when inspectors are on site.

Samepage also supports photos directly from mobile - clients are easily updated by uploading photos. The project page was shared with the Landlord and the tenant so they can see progress updates from the field. This keeps them in the loop, and out of the team's hair.

Samepage's calendar feature is great for keeping track of the project timeline. You can also add deliveries and site visit info - this calendar is always up-to-date for everyone on the page so there's no confusion. And you can leave a comment so the whole team gets notified of the change.

In construction - not everything goes according to plan. Thankfully Samepage gives CH Construction one location to keep everything - saving time from having to dig through emails, and a lot of back and forth. Get started with this free document collaboration tool and start collaborating in minutes.