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Making Team Communication Truly Free

February 26, 2019

Making Team Communication Truly Free

Instant messaging, group chat, video conferencing: Today's workforce can barely recall the days of surviving without them. Like wildfire, they've spread through the workplace, burning down old traditions of email, phone calls, and travel.

New tools. New challenges.

Although they’re more efficient, easy to use, and free to try, they still pose challenges. With such a massive list of available communication apps, weighing pros and cons of each before making a decision takes time.

Daisy-chaining it together securely with your email, file sharing, project management, and other business apps in a semi-comfortable workflow also takes time, and maybe a couple of I.T. people or API gurus.

The next thing they'll burn? Your cash.

Most team communication apps let you start for free, but you'll eventually need to decide whether to pay for the fully-featured version or settle for the limited free version. In other words, basic communication necessities like these will cost you:

  • creating unlimited group chats
  • searching & accessing older chat messages
  • allowing guests to be part of multiple group chats
  • holding unlimited concurrent group video calls
  • screen sharing
  • creating unlimited 3rd party app integrations

Even if you opt for their free plan, you're still hopping between multiple apps to get work done, and that's costly too. App-hopping is a known productivity killer. It decentralizes teamwork, creates restrictive protocols, and makes everything harder to find.

We've got a better idea.

As the foundation of teamwork, communication should happen alongside your shared files, tasks, and project content - not in separate group chat apps. These apps are useful, but they're far from being complete collaboration platforms. They charge expensive subscription fees for chatting simply because they have nothing else to offer.

Teams around the world have been burning time and money on these apps for years, but that's about to change.

Let's do this together.

First, let's put the fire out. Ditch your costly communication apps and get your team on Samepage. Continue your group text, voice, and video conversations here for free. The entire list of basic communication necessities above - all included. No limits. No strings.

When you're ready, explore our "Teams" features. They're built to help you collaborate beyond the boundaries of chat without having to hop into other apps. You'll find our powerful communication tools blended in with file sharing, task & calendar management, and real-time document collaboration, all on a single elegant screen.

No unnecessary setup or subscription costs. No app-hopping. Just a single complete team collaboration platform.