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Link to projects, files, and people with @mentions

January 05, 2018

Link to projects, files, and people with @mentions

What are @mentions & why do project managers love them?

You're a project manager, and you've got a few projects cookin' at the same time. You're constantly chatting with your team about various project assets like files, tasks, calendar events, etc. Here's the million-dollar question: are your project assets easy to find?

According to GetApp, 74% of project managers have to hop between two or more apps to find the project content they're looking for. For them, the answer is No, project assets are not easy to find.

For project managers who've decided to get their team on Samepage, the answer is emphatically Yes, project assets are very easy to find. They already know that Samepage can handle sharing a huge variety of project content and conversation styles in one place, but this blog post will focus on a powerful tool we call "at-mentioning". This tool makes it easy to share links to project content just by mentioning it on a page or in a comment.

@mentioning projects a.k.a pages

Project managers often create a new page for each project they're managing on Samepage, but these projects are often associated with other ongoing projects. When Project A is closely related to Project B, you can simply add a link to each page referencing the other. For example, on Project A's page, type the "@" symbol, followed by the first few letters of Project B's name, and you'll see it pop up in a list of suggestions, complete with the name of the team where the project is located. It's like creating a wiki for your team, but without all the hassles of coding it.

Link to other project pages

@mentioning files & folders

As you can see in the screenshot above, you can @mention more than just pages. Anything in a team's FILES section can also be @mentioned. Clicking on an @mentioned file will bring the user to the file and open it in a preview - just another way to find and share project content easily.

@mentioning people

Similar to the examples above, you can @mention a fellow team member by name on a page. This will create a link to chat privately with them on Samepage, but it's also useful for tagging content owners and other responsible parties.

Similar to pages and files, you can also @mention a person in a comment (either in the team CHAT or on a page). In this case however, the @mentioned person will get a special notification. Instead of seeing the total number of unread messages in the red dot, they'll see the "@" symbol and know they need to read that message first.

Mention people in projects

Think of the "@" symbol as a time saver, a link builder, and a powerful notifier all wrapped into one. Drop a few and watch your team quickly pick up on using it themselves :-) Cheers!