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Kickass Samepage-Zapier Workflows for Marketing Teams

February 23, 2017

Kickass Samepage-Zapier Workflows for Marketing Teams

It's 2017, and marketing teams are owning more than ever before. That's why Samepage partnered up with Zapier to make your life easier. With these automated workflows your marketing team can recover valuable time and energy by replacing manual processes with automatic workflows that keep everyone informed. Here are just a few of the things your marketing team can do with Zapier and Samepage:

Create new Samepage task from an email

Sometimes you get an important email and want to remember to get back to it later. Use this Zap to create a task for emails you forward to a special secret Zapier email address.

Create a new Samepage page from an email

Sometimes you want to capture information from an email on a Samepage page. Instead of copy/pasting manually, use this Zap to automatically create a page for emails you forward to a secret Zapier email address.

Zap data from lead form submissions to sales/marketing teams for follow up

Chances are your marketing team is in charge of gathering and qualifying leads. Zapier makes it easy to pass information from lead forms to the right team in Samepage.

Ex. Your team uses Typeforms for gated/premium content on your website. Automatically share the form information to a Samepage Team Chat or Page Chat.

Or your team uses HubSpot for inbound lead forms. Get notified of new form submissions and pass information through to Team Chat or Page Chat. Or maybe your team uses Wufoo, Highrise, or another platform? That's OK, Zapier and Samepage promote tons of connections, and chances are if you're using a tool, there's already something in Zapier for it. You can even make your own Zaps that pass this information to tasks, or pages for follow up.

Send a team chat message every time a Facebook post is posted to the company Facebook account

Do people in your company ever ask, well what does the content team do anyway? Keep them informed by having Zapier automatically post new social media posts to the everyone team. This example is set up for Facebook, but it will work with any social media you choose.

Share new Tweets from a Twitter list in Samepage

Does your marketing team create and follow custom Twitter lists of influencers, news sources, or keywords? We have you covered. With this Zap, you'll be able to post new tweets from your lists directly to a team or page in Samepage.

Share new twitter mentions in Marketing Team

Want to make sure you never miss a tweet from a customer? Worry no longer. Even if you keep your head buried in Samepage for hours at a time, the notifications will find you with this Zap. Use this Zap to get mentions of your business twitter account or a business keyword. For instance, we look for mentions of @samepageio (us!) and "Samepage" just to be sure that we get everything. Make your net really broad or really narrow. Your call.

Notify the company of each new blog post that's published via RSS

If you're like me, and you want your company to know instantly when you publish a new blog, or any new content for that matter, use this Zap to set it up. Zapier will subscribe to your RSS feed, and any time there's a new post - ZAP! - that post can be shared straight to the everyone team, so everyone can see it.

Receive new survey responses in a team

At Samepage we pay close attention to customer feedback. And we get a lot of it - good and less good. To make sure that we're always on top of the feedback we receive, we linked our favorite NPS tool, Wootric, to our Growth team.

This is great because every score that comes through is automatically posted to the team along with a reason for the score, and an ID so we can reach out to the customer. We invite our designers, engineering, marketing, and customer support to the team - that way if we see symptoms of a technical issue or communication issue, or we get a nice piece of praise, the entire team is notified without having to manually share results from Wootric to Samepage.

Your team can get started using all of these great workflows for free, and they don't require any technical knowledge to implement. If you don't have a Zapier account, get a free Zapier account. If you're all set up on Zapier and Samepage already - go the Samepage Zapbook and use our pre-built templates to get started.