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Inviting teammates now easier than ever

January 17, 2020

Inviting teammates now easier than ever

We are improving how you ask teammates to join your organization on Samepage. Now you can use an invitation link and share the way that fits your team the best.

Getting your team on board can be a struggle

Onboarding is hard work. We hear that a lot. The scenario is many times the same. Enthusiastic leaders or innovators (like you ) are looking for practical collaboration tools to improve workflows in their team or organization. They sign-up for Samepage and immediately fell in love with it because they see the potential and benefits. And now they want to invite their teammates to spread the joy.

Email is slow and clunky

The usual process is to type an email address into invitation form and boom the invitation is out there somewhere. But you know the email is old, slow, and full of spam. People are responding slowly to it. The invite can get lost or expire.

We don't want to create barriers for you to climb! We want you to be happy with the product and spread joy all around. Today we are giving you the fresh new way how to invite people into Samepage.

Use the channel your teammates are used to

You probably already have the means to notify your team members, being in the mailing group, Whatsapp, Slack, or anything else. So now, you can use these tools to share invites into your Samepage organization. All you need to do is to enable the invitation link, and everyone who clicks on that link will be able to join your organization as a member. Simple as that. No more typing or begging for the email address. Get your team on the Samepage comfortably and securely.

Did the link get to the wrong audience?

Disable the link anytime and then generate a new one as you wish.

Inviting teammates now easier than ever.