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Introducing Surveys

May 30, 2017

Introducing Surveys

The rise of popular survey tools in the last decade was hard to miss. Platforms like SurveyGizmo and SurveyMonkey are among the most popular stand-alone platforms, but they mostly lend themselves to market research projects or situations where companies are seeking feedback from their customers. They're seldom used for collecting internal team feedback, probably because these tools simply aren't a frequent part of a team's workflow and therefore not easily accessible.

Easy access to surveys

We've recently introduced an easy-to-access survey tool in Samepage.  You can add a survey to any page as easily as you'd add any other kind of content. Simply click the green cursor, select Survey, and select the type of survey you want. It's perfect for voting on the best piece of creative, the next strategic move, or the best pub to grab a beer after work. Create surveys to gather feedback from your team, your entire company, and even customers, vendors, and partners.  We hope you enjoy it!

Keep 'em in context

Vivid context is one of the greatest benefits of sharing something with your team on Samepage! If you're sharing something on a page, it's likely surrounded by other types of content that help paint a more complete picture of progress, history, etc. Sharing a survey on a page is no different. It collects team feedback inline with other project assets like files, tasks, conversations, and more, so you can see it all in a single view. Doesn't get much better than that when you're focused on efficient team collaboration.