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Introducing Samepage Chat + New Business Features

January 14, 2016

Introducing Samepage Chat + New Business Features

Let's make 2016 your most productive year yet! We are very excited to announce powerful new features to help you get more done than ever before.

Samepage Chat

Collaborate at supersonic speeds with Samepage Chat -- now you can instantly and privately message anyone in your organization. People you've recently chatted with will appear in your Main Navigation, so you can quickly ping them next time around.

If they're online, their avatar will be marked with a green dot. If they're not can still send them a message! They will receive your message(s) when they are back online.

Main Navigation

We've replaced the old Navigation Bar with a new Main Navigation dock that resides on the left-side of the screen. This persistent dock conveniently minimizes when not in use and expands on hover for quick navigation.

Now you can access Pages, News Feed, Events, and My Tasks from anywhere within Samepage. These items will always be a single click away!

Calendar Integration

Calendar Integration is a pro-exclusive feature that allows you to add Samepage events to iCalendar-supported calendars (i.e. Apple Calendar, Outlook, Google Calendar, and others) as a subscribed calendar.

Tasks "Assigned by Me"

With My Tasks, you can easily see all of your tasks in one place. Now we've added the option to view tasks that are assigned to you and assigned by you. And if you assign a task, you'll receive an email notification as soon as the task is marked complete. Stay on top of everybody's to-do and crack that whip.

Stay tuned for even more announcements this year. We have more in the pipeline to make this your most productive year ever.