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Introducing Page Tags

December 08, 2017

Introducing Page Tags

You and your team live in Samepage. Naturally, you create a page for every project, but your page list is growing at exponential speed. You need a way to easily filter your page list down so you can easily see a list of open projects, reports, campaigns, etc. Enter "Page Tags".

Now you can insert hashtags into your page titles. This will create clickable filter buttons in your page list. Simply click one of these friendly grey buttons and your page list will be reduced to only the pages that contain the hashtag of your choice in the page title.

For anyone unfamiliar with hashtags, here's how to create one. Click on a page title to edit it. Then enter the "#" symbol followed by a tag (a keyword you'd like to apply to the page) anywhere in the title. For example, you may have a page titled "2018 campaign plan". Simply add the hashtag #openProject to the end so it reads "2018 campaign plan #openProject". Add the same hashtag to the titles of other open projects, and now you've got an easy way to filter a long list of pages down to only your open projects.

Enjoy, and cheers!