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Introducing Inbox 1.0

March 13, 2018

Introducing Inbox 1.0

"Oh wow, we LOVE it!"

This is the kind of thing we're already hearing about today's release of our new Inbox feature. For those of you who've yet to discover it, you'll see it above your list of Teams. Once you open it, perhaps we'll be hearing the same thing from you smile emoji

How does Inbox 1.0 work?

Today's release is a streaming feed of recent comments, reminders, alerts, and other updates across all teams and projects visible to you. On desktops, Inbox 1.0 can also be filtered to show only unread messages. Especially if you're a power project manager or task manager with notifications coming from multiple teams or projects at the same time, this will help you cut back on hopping around to clear your red dots. Instead, Inbox 1.0 will bring your red dots to you.

The toggle dot above your Inbox list lets you switch between two ways of viewing all of your notifications in one place. When the dot is faded, you're seeing your most recent messages. When the dot is fully black, you're seeing only unread messages. To clear a red dot in Inbox, simply click or tap it.

Inbox for Task and Project Managers

Inbox 1.0 is just the beginning

This is just the first step we're taking to streamline navigation in Samepage. Enhancements to the Inbox feature and other navigational tools are already in the works. Those of us who've seen what's coming next are beyond excited to see how you'll react when we put it in your hands.

For example, we know many of you will begin asking to see more than just the last comment of a thread in your Inbox. You want a little context, right? Maybe the preceding two or three comments in the thread? We read you loud and clear, and we're already on it.

We'll keep our blog and social spots up to date with the latest news on our next version of Inbox, so stay tuned and enjoy!