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Integrations Help Us Grow, As Proven By My Wedding Planning

July 30, 2014

You may have noticed the newest addition to our integration family a couple of weeks ago - Box. In the past three months, that's four new integrations we've brought you—Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. With each integration, we're making it easier and easier for you to get started with Samepage. I told you about how the Dropbox integration got our design agency, The Engine Room, onto Samepage back in May. Well now, I've convinced even more people that I know it's time to make the switch, and it all started when I was planning my wedding.

In my spare time, I love event planning. From St. Patrick's Day parties to my own wedding, it's a passion of mine. So when I moved from my last company here, Samepage was like a breath of fresh air. As I began planning my wedding, I saw the perfect opportunity to use Samepage. Contract negotiation discussions were all on one page. My mom and future mother-in-law could provide seating chart recommendations and adjustments to avoid a potential catastrophe at my wedding. Event schedules were easily accessible for anyone involved.

But there was still one obstacle to overcome—files. For some that I worked with, it was easy to get them to adopt Samepage for their file sync and share needs - they didn't use anything else. Then there were some of the established vendors I worked with, who had hundreds of clients, files, contracts, etc. They were all using different systems. A wedding planner used Google Drive to collaborate on the timeline. Design agencies used Box or Dropbox to send large art files. It was difficult to get everyone to completely adopt Samepage as multiple systems were still needed. My contacts had too many files and too much invested with these other services.

In order to succeed, the Samepage team realized that the key to success was not to compete with these well-established file sync and share players—it was to integrate with them. And our Cloud Files widget was born. The capabilities continue to grow with new integrations (hello Box!) and added features (you can create new Google Drive docs from within Samepage).

So, if you were hesitant to try Samepage because all your files are elsewhere, push aside those doubts and check us out. It's free to sign up!

If you have any other integrations you'd like to see, we'd love to hear about it - tweet to @Samepageio—we're listening!