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Indoor Fun for Kids On Snow Days

February 12, 2015

Indoor Fun for Kids On Snow Days

You wake up to a snowy day and you’re probably thinking, once again, the weather is not on your side. The weather is so severe school’s closed, and playing outside is out (at least for today)! Record-setting snowfalls in some parts of the country are stressing out parents who need to figure out how to keep their kids busy! Cooped up snow day after snow day, the kids are bickering and bored — what’s a Mom to do?

Don’t despair. You can organize the chaos.

There is a cure for cabin fever that can keep kids busy and Mom sane. If you enjoy having things organized, planning ahead for those days when your kids will be inside will reduce stress and help everybody have a much better time. This way you don’t have to panic when bad weather arrives.

There are plenty of great ideas and activities you can use that don’t involve endless hours of video games or watching TV. The key is to make sure you’ve got all the materials you need and DIY tutorials all prepped and easily accessible.

But, to make snow days even easier to manage you’ll need one more thing — an online tool to house all of your ideas, materials lists, task lists, photos, and DIY info.


Nicole has been using Samepage to manage her home catering business. When the third snowstorm in a row started to take its toll on her and her kids, she realized it was the perfect tool to help her be prepared for bad weather days.

Using Samepage, she collected a list of ideas for activities, put together materials lists for each activity, and created links to tutorials all in one location. Nicole also created a materials/shopping list for each activity, so she doesn’t have to remember what she needs when she's out at the store. When she starts running low on materials, she uses the Samepage app on her phone while shopping.

Nicole even shares her Samepages with other Moms so they can all be prepared and share their activity ideas, info, and materials lists, games and puzzles. Everybody loves using it.

Nicole now happily keeps all materials stashed in her closet ready for bad weather days. Thanks to Samepage, she is always ready for snow day projects and rarely runs out of tape, paper plates, glue sticks, crayons, construction paper, stickers, games, ribbons, yarn, sequins, glitter, tissue paper, and buttons! And Samepage helps her keep her pantry stocked with ingredients for baking projects as well.

So, it’s time to get creative and find some indoor activities to entertain those energetic kids of yours. Take a look at the sample of the activities on Nicole’s Samepage.